I believe in being authentic in Business & Life.

That is why I am gonna tell you the hard truth, the nitty gritty, and give you some good ol' fashion Ya Ya wisdom.

Because I will prove that YOU can build your dream, no matter what.

Because I did!

Helping you find the GOLD in Business & Life!

We are all just Growin' Out Loud, Darlin'!

Are you ready for a little bit of honesty?
There is truly very little holding you back from success.
It isn't your education or lack of one.
It isn't your product or service.
It isn't your customer service skills.
It probably isn't even your marketing or business plan.

The ONLY thing holdin' you back from success...
Is you.
What you think.
How you allow yourself to feel.
The excuses you make.

When I coach you... I'm gonna give it to you straight.
I will call out those thoughts, excuses and lack of action.
I am gonna help you face them and MOVE!

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** Amy excels in coaching and feedback that cut straight to the heart of what I needed to grow my business for the long term. Her coaching stresses a consistent, self-disciplined and focused approach that is easy to follow and was centered on my individual business goals. In addition, she offers ongoing support as needed to help me move forward." Kay-Cee Gray, Solopreneur
** Amy has been instrumental in helping me grow my business. I would recommend her to any business trying to get to the next level. Her Communication and understanding of many different business structures gives her insight to several different approaches when working with us. Amy is the real deal! " Amy Harder, small business owner
**I've had the joy of working with Amy in a number of settings - and the result is always MORE! More achievement, more enjoyment and more than I ever thought I could do. My life is richer for knowing Amy - she is just that kind of person. Authentic and insightful, she walks the talk. When Amy speaks, I listen.  Connie Runia, attorney
**I have loved working with Amy! It's been a incredible experience! 
She really helped me put action behind my dreams. I was worried that when I signed up with her that I wouldn't get the direction I needed, but I was definitely wrong. From our very first meeting she literally told me EXACTLY, step by step what I needed to do. 
She is responsive, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, professional and definitely has my best interest at heart. I have grown in my business and on a personal level as a result with working with her. 
Working with Amy has been such a great investment and I have quadrupled my investment I spent with her in just a short few weeks by following and doing exactly what she told me to do. 
For anyone looking to find a business coach, I recommend Amy! She will give you the direction and motivation you might be lacking to get to that next level!  Kelee Allsop, Relationship Coach