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I am YOUR Content Curator.

That’s right…I help you look good, sound good and provide value to your audience.

I help busy entrepreneurs like yourself stay on top of your social media marketing and email campaigns so you can focus on the other important parts of your business. 

I know as an entrepreneur, you may not be utilizing social media and email marketing for your business currently, or maybe you are but you’re so busy that you get around to it ‘when you can’. You are a busy, hardworking business owner after all! Is there ever really any free time in your day? 

Maybe it’s time you took a little off your plate and handed over the marketing to someone that wants you to succeed! 

Ready to get some inspiration for your marketing? 

Want tips on how to make the most out of your email campaigns? 

Need graphic design tips for your social media content?

Maybe you need a push on how to improve your overall marketing strategy. Sometimes we just need that little reminder to ‘keep your eye on the [marketing] ball’ for our business. 

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Don’t Just Take My Word for it!

Happy Clients

“I recently asked Amy House for a social media audit, and she gave me a very detailed response and included all my social media channels. I was overwhelmed with the thought of working on all the improvements I needed to make and knew I needed help.  I then asked if Angie could help me tweak what needed to be improved including my branding on all my messaging and she did.  The 2 hours I worked with Angie were very well spent and I wish I had done it 2 years ago! She explained everything and shared her screen on a Zoom call and then I practiced what I learned and had more questions. I now feel empowered to create more on Canva with my brand so people will recognize my posts on all my social media channels. Thank you, Angie!”

Wendy Crabbe

“WOW! Angie has taught me several new ways to utilize LinkedIn features. For not being a member of my industry, she has been able to grasp the major concepts to create professional and engaging social media posts for my business. Many people do not realize the “tips and tricks” required to generate capturing posts. Angie has it mastered. PLUS, she is very responsive and pleasant to work with. Highly recommended.” 

Laura Kirby

“Angie has been doing marketing for my business for over a year plus now. Her creativity in branding my business is amazing. As an owner, I’ve received many favorable comments on my marketing. Angie is a joy to work with and have as a part of my team.

Barbara Colvin

Angie has been fantastic to work with!!! She handles all my social media and email marketing. She works with my compliance staff to be sure they are happy. My clients love the content and business is growing!!!

Michelle Noble