Business Athlete in Training

by Jun 12, 2020

I had a friend ask me about my business the other day.  Not the general “Hey, how is business?”  But the specific “What are you working on these days?  Anything specific?  Trying some new strategies?  Stepping in a new direction?”  As we talked, she made this comment, “You are becoming quite the business athlete!”  When I asked what she meant…here were her points:

1)  Consciousness of what is going in.  She noticed that I mentioned being strategic in the books I was reading, the podcasts that I listen too…even the training that I was seeking.  I was being selective and structured knowing the results that I want in productivity and results.  Very much like an athlete.  They track what they eat….when they eat….how much they eat…and the results. 

It isn’t just about what you are reading, listening to, and training on.  Do you know what times of the day are the best for you to learn?  Do you know the times of the day you need to “load up” for a high energy phase of your day?  Do you track the results? 


2)  Purposeful stretching.  I know that I can do more of what I normally do and achieve “more” results.  But what might happen if I make slight adjustments?  What if I “tweak” language?  What if I purposefully connect with people that might provide a new stretch opportunity?  Athletes do this.  They will adjust a weight.  They will adjust a body movement to achieve a better stretch.  They will “tweak” a workout to track results and improvement.  Without stretch, we don’t grow and develop. 


3)  New coaching. I love my mentors and still learn a lot from them.  But sometimes you need to look for new coaches with specialties.  I am doing this currently.  I am seeking out online mentors, in-person coaches and selectively following some high producers.  Why?  Because I can see a different perspective. 

I can learn a new skill.  I can learn new patterns and focus areas that might get better business results from others.  Athletes do this.  They have form coaches.  They have endurance coaches.  Quarterbacks even have special coaches that train them to see the field of play in motion and lead from the pocket.  Sometime to become better, you need to learn from a new coach. 

I am excited by this concept and can see how I can continuously build my skills and performance both “on the field and off”.  Business athlete…I like that!