Business, Glass Blowing and the “Gathering”​

by Jan 20, 2020

Last night, I had an amazing experience.  I got to actually blow glass! It was on my personal “bucket list” of experiences and I actually won an opportunity to attend a demonstration and then “blow” my own piece.  It was one of those experiences that was both exciting and scary! I mean…I was around MELTED GLASS! Holy Moly! I came home in awe. I actually MADE something. (stay tuned for more on that!) But isn’t that how it feels when you build a business? I MADE something! LOL I know…I still have that feeling today.

I also found so many PRICELESS connections to business. What we “do” and “how” we do it. So many great reminders of the “process” and the “art” behind creation…whether it is art or a business. I want to share it some insights with you.

It all starts with the Master Glass-Maker taking a “gathering”. The central furnace in the hotshop is a boiler of sorts….with 500 lbs of molten glass. Pure, clear glass. They call it virgin glass…untouched, ready to receive color. So the Master takes their pole and takes a “gathering” of glass of the end. They start small. They work with a small “gathering” and depending on the size and scale of the piece they are creating…they will take that small “gathering”….work with it, mold it, color it…and then put it back into the central furnace for another “gathering”.

Don’t get misled. The first “gathering”…they have to keep putting into a second furnace to keep it molten and work-able. It is only when they know that the first “gathering” is ready…they will then go back for a second or third or fourth “gathering”. In between each “gathering”, they are adding color. They are adding heat. They are adding movement. They are molding.

That is what you do in business.

You start with a first “gathering”. It may be a small group of people you know. It may be a small audience on social media. It could be your first networking group. It might be a small “launch” event or ribbon cutting. But you must take that first “gathering” and start to work from there. You share what you do. You add value to the group. You mold what you do to make sure it will be something others can use or enjoy. Sometimes, what you want to create…that is enough.

The day comes when you want a bigger impact…a bigger business. So you go back for a second “gathering”. You expand your network. You find places to meet new people. You add new products or services. You are constantly molding, adding, creating, moving. Each time you add a “gathering”, you are intentionally building something bigger; which requires more skill and time to develop.

Consider this…You are the Master. You are the Blower of “life” into your career, business or life. You start with a small “gathering” and you grow it. It glows bright and has so much potential. As you increase your skill as a craftsman, you also create more amazing “pieces” for the world to enjoy.

Is it time for another “gathering”?