Creating a Competitive Advantage Using LinkedIn

Guest Blogger:

Kelly Kljajic-Powers

Owner/Managing Partner

Powers Professional Partners


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LinkedIn owns the job market in terms of being the #1 resource connecting employers with employees. Many, if not all, recruiters utilize LinkedIn as their main resource for finding talent. Companies and independent recruiters pay $5K+ per recruiting license so they can run advanced searches, create projects, track communication, etc.

As a candidate in this job market, you want to ensure that recruiters can find you and that you avoid being solicited for roles that are below your pay grade.

Your LinkedIn profile should target the job you WANT not the job you HAD or HAVE. This is your personal billboard/marquee sign.  

Here are some tips on how to revamp your profile to get you noticed by recruiters without letting everyone else know that you are open/seeking new opportunities.

Because you’re happy and not really looking 😉 But…maybe you didn’t know you are underpaid in today’s market and could earn 20% more in pay or in other incentives. 💲💵🤑

Meet Jane…

She has been in accounting for over 20 years and started as a bookkeeper. Today she is a Controller for a midsize company. Jane has a LinkedIn profile but has used keywords or inputted skills that summarize her entire career. When recruiters are looking for entry-level data entry or bookkeepers, they always reach out to Jane. Jane is frustrated and wants a higher-level Controller role.

How can she get noticed by the right recruiters?

There are so many quick fixes that you can do to OPTIMIZE your LinkedIn profile. 

I recommend you do the following asap:

  1. Update your headline – You have 220 characters to grab a recruiter’s attention. Remove: seeking new opportunities or Job Title at ABC Company. That says nothing about who you are and what you do.

Instead, try:

VP of HR, Recruiting and StaffingPeople and Strategy Development Creating Innovative HR SolutionsRecruiting and Staffing Experienced HR Leader Performance Mgmt (164 characters)

EntrepreneurBusiness LeaderFranchise Owner—that shapes, defines and transforms customer-focused solutions by creating inviting and sparkling office spaces and environments—increasing cleanliness, productivity & safety (220 characters)

Executive Coach & Business Strategy Consultant National TV Contributor propelling businesses forward by empowering leaders removing obstacles & providing tools to grow during difficult times (197 characters)

2. Write an ABOUT section. You have 2600 characters at your disposal to incorporate critical keywords that will drive recruiters straight to your profile. Showcase your personality. Tell people who you are—what projects are you most proud of—what problems you fix—why people like working with you—what are you passionate about—how do you influence outcomes—how do you manage—what is your communication style—ways you build profit—why did you choose a career in x? 

The sky is the limit. 

3. Update your skills sections to reflect your CURRENT skills that are applicable to the job you are seeking. List up to 50 skills. Use all 50, if you can.

If you enjoyed these tips and have applied this to your LinkedIn profile, I would be curious to hear if you have received better messages or inquiries from recruiters. I would love to hear from you!

PS: I have a guide to understanding the current market I thought you might find interesting. Enjoy!

The very best,
Kelly Kljajic-Powers
Owner/Managing Partner

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