I realized...that for many of my clients, 3 months wasn't enough. They were completing my course or even 3 months of coaching...but they would come back in a few short months for another round. And to be honest, I didn't really feel that I gave them ALL that I wanted to in 3 months.

So, I created GOLD University.
12 months...limited to 15 business women.
Giving them EVERYTHING I was seeing them need!

Every month...a 45 minute PRIVATE coaching session.
Focused on their needs...their business and life obstacles.
Giving them personal accountability. Keeping their momentum high to achieve their business goals.
(12 session value: $2,700)

Every month...a Virtual Mastermind with 15 other kick-butt bossbabes from different industries and businesses. The opportunity to sit in the HOT SEAT twice and receive feedback, advise and suggestions from women that have experienced similar challenges. Hear how they overcame them...learn some of their tools and tips...hear their best practices from their industries. These will also be recorded...so if the pre-scheduled time doesn't work for you...you still can review and learn from the wisdom of others
(12 Mastermind value: $1,800)

Every month....a 45 minute training session with a Coach or Expert with expertise in a specific area of business or skill set you might need...
**Instagram marketing
**Essential Confrontation
**Goal Setting
**Facebook Ads
**Money Management
**Email Marketing
**and many more
Each of these sessions will be recorded and would be ideal for sharing with staff or team members in your business.
(Monthly Training Value: $1,800)

AND...because most business women don't have people making sure their recognition, validation and self-care tanks are being filled on a regular basis...
You will receive monthly goodies and quarterly gifts in your mailbox to help you keep your personal TANK full!
(Recognition value: $600)

But...just because GOLD U is VALUED at $6,900...
Doesn't mean that is your cost!
This program will be just $3,600...with monthly payments of $300. 
(there is a one time payment option available at an additional discount).

But I guarantee, 
And Personal Care...
You will find this program to meet all the needs you have and really help you Take YOURSELF and YOUR BUSINESS to the Next Level.

Message me today for details or reserve your spot!
Only 15 seats...and several are already taken!