by Jan 29, 2021

Habits:  What most of us miss and ignore

When I first started my businesses, the key to success was habit.  Doesn’t sound real sexy, does it?  The key to success in the very beginning was learning some new habits or ways of organizing.  It was learning to use some new systems that could help me work faster and get more done in short periods of time.  After all, I was working around a 60+ hour a week job and a family. 

Logically it sounds good but we really need to understand WHY we need these habits and systems.  The WHY is what will help you develop these habits and systems and KEEP them.  So, let’s take a look at WHY.

Whether you are starting a freelance biz, network marketing biz or a go-for-broke traditional business, there are systems to success.  There are tried and true ways of creating momentum and keeping it going.  If you are doing bookkeeping, you understand that you enter and categorize data in a very systematic way.  If you are in direct sales, you know that you have to talk or reach a certain number of people to create a sales funnel and have a certain percentage close.  If you are a graphic designer, you have a system of collecting the client’s “ideas” and then processing them into a design.  Everything we do usually has a system.  If you join a network marketing business, most companies have a “system” to sharing their products and business model.

So…the issue isn’t if there is a system.  The systems already exist in the form of “best practices” no matter what business you choose.


The obstacle to overcome in becoming an entrepreneur of a home based business is realizing YOU have to USE the system.  Sounds simple, right?  And it is simple…but is isn’t easy.


By nature, switching your mindset from “going” to work and spending X number of hours there….to having the freedom to work or not to work….whole different bird!  

If you have already been in business and are trying to figure out ways to improve…OR you are trying to decide if you want to start a home-based business…realize that you need to take a hard look at your habits, your organization and start working to teach yourself some new systems.

Are you wondering where to start?  

Here are some questions to help spark your creation of new habits designed to move you and your business forward to create the life you want:

  1. Would I be willing to get up an hour earlier? Or stay up an hour later?
  2. Do I have built in to my day something positive?  You will need to feed your attitude and brain.
  3. Have I organized my technology to work for me?  Scheduler?  Grocery lists? Bill Pay?
  4. If I use or will use social media in my business…have I looked and set up auto-apps that will post for me?  It is much easier to schedule once or twice a month than trying to manage everyday.
  5. Do I have healthy habits?  Eating right?  Enough sleep?  Exercise?  You need to be in top form to have the energy and focus that will boost your productivity.
  6. When I put my kids to bed, do I just zone out or should I create an evening routine that keeps me organized?  Are you missing opportunities to streamline home life so that it runs smoothly?
  7. If I will be working my biz around a J.O.B., have I considered ways to use my commute, breaks, or lunch hour to get some projects or daily routines done in my “side hustle”?

Thinking ahead to the routines in your life that work and those that don’t will help you “find” time but also create better systems to create maximum production in very little time.

Remember, most of us create businesses to create financial and TIME freedom.  If you are finding yourself always in a rush…always behind…never feeling good about your progress…then your personal and business systems are out of whack. 

Remember…you are creating a business to create some change in your life.  Be willing to change some of your habits and routines….it is so worth it!  

Now…go clean your room and make your bed!