Heads Up Strategic Planning: What We Can Learn From Hansel and Gretel

by May 22, 2020

You know the story.  A woodcutter and his wife (the stepmother) are trying to create a living for their small family of four.  However, hard economic times come.  The stepmother suggests that the only way to survive is to “lure” the children into the forest…leave them with a small slice of bread and….never return for them.  The woodcutter protests.  But her “arguments” are sound…we can’t feed four.  We can feed two.  Hansel hears this conversation (he is supposed to be asleep).  He collects small pieces of flint from the small yard in front of their home.  He scatters the flint on the forest floor as he and Gretel follow their parents into the woods.  That night…the flint sparkles in the moonlight and they find their way home.

Flash forward…after a brief economic shift, the family is fine for a while.  But as most economies do…there is again a difficult period.  This time…Hansel does not “hear” the warning conversation between the parents.  And the rest of the story…we all know, right?


What can you learn from this?

How does this relate to business?  Most of us are in our final 4th quarter pushes for 2015.  But most of us are also planning our 2016 strategic plans and setting goals.  But do you just plan and set goals?  OR do you practice some “heads up” strategies?  We can learn a lot from Hansel in both scenarios. 

1)  Set goals but be flexible and creative. 

If obstacles or difficulties come, do you have plan B strategies to keep your business or financial security safe and secure?  Do you have options to reach your goals or do you just have a “one plan, one goal” strategy?

2)  Prepare.  There will be hard times. 

They come as regularly as successful times do.  Prepare for both good and hard times.  Have a plan for both.

3)  Pay attention. 

So you were able to out-smart one obstacle or survive one downturn in the economy….don’t get complacent.  Keep your heads up and aware.  Don’t be taken by surprise.