Lessons Learned So Far…

Guest Blogger: 

Marianne Watson

Executive Vice President, Retail Banking

Lone Star Capital Bank

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I met Amy House in 2020, she’s a longtime friend of my work colleague.  I was immediately impressed and felt an instant connection, if you know her you get it.  Since then, she’s facilitated two leadership meetings for my company, one at the mid-manager level and one with the executive team.  If you’re considering utilizing her in any capacity, I highly recommend you get on her calendar immediately.  I’ve also joined several of her “Ladies who Lunch” gatherings and have met some impressive, talented, fun businesswomen in the process.   

When Amy asked me to write for her blog, I was at once flattered and terrified.  What should I write about that might be useful, educational, inspirational and thought-provoking for her amazing, astute readers and followers?  Will this be any of those things?  Will Amy even want to post this?  I’ll admit to procrastinating mightily at writing this and finally decided today was the day to tackle it.  Of course, today also happens to be the due date.  So, off we go…

After 61 years of life, 39 years of marriage, motherhood and grandparenthood, 39 years in the banking profession and an unexpected job elimination along the way, I’ve learned a few things. 

Most of these lessons learned were a gift, I just didn’t realize it at the time. In no particular order:

      • Business partnerships and life partnerships take grit, patience, time to grow and lots of grace.
      • Be a mentor, you have many gifts to share and will learn a thing or two.  
      • Save as much as you possibly can for the future, then enjoy using it.
      • Youth isn’t “wasted on the young.”  
      • Children are the great equalizer of all adults.
      • Trust is hard earned and quickly lost.
      • Banking was a solid career choice 39 years ago, and still is.  Helping others achieve their financial goals has been a rewarding experience.
      • Good customer service is a 100% worthy investment of a company’s time and training.
      • For me, an unexpected job elimination was an incredible gift of time with Mom and a wonderful new career.  
      • “If we can, we should” has become more meaningful as I age.
      • Surviving your children’s teenage years may seem impossible while you’re living it, but you and they will get through it.  You may even laugh together about it when they’re in their 30’s, we do.
      • Being a grandparent is everything anyone ever told me about.  Amazing.
      • Regardless of your experience or title, ask for feedback and be open to it.
      • Employees will tell you a lot if you’re listening.
      • God has been present and busy in my life all along, I now have the perspective to see it and appreciate it.
      • Disagreements are common, disagreeing gracefully is not.  It’s worth the effort.
      • I’m a habitual procrastinator, forever intending to be better and failing often.
      • “Children grow up so fast,” is 100% true.  
      • My favorite song lyric these days is “…wrinkles only go where the smiles have been.”
      • I should turn off my phone, tablet, laptop and smartwatch more often.