Life In Zero Gravity

by May 15, 2020

Life in zero gravity sounds pretty tempting. Free floating…being an observer rather than a participant…no resistance. However, zero gravity isn’t meant for daily life despite our efforts to create a stress-free, resistance free and carefree life.

Most of us are looking for ways to eliminate the challenges of life–debt free, plenty of financial resources, unlimited time freedom and decision making without consequences. However, it is through challenges that we ‘become.’ Without challenges or obstacles, we don’t stretch and grow.

In fact, all great accomplishment have come from challenges. When we only look at challenge or change as something to avoid, we miss the potential. We miss the opportunity to experience something new. Being an observer in life doesn’t allow you to really use all your senses and live fully. Obstacles and challenges always present you with the opportunity to be fully engaged in life.

I have worked with so many people in my former corporate career as well as my current entrepreneurial endeavors that are looking to eliminate true living. Now, I will be the first to tell you that I too wanted to reduce stress, become debt free and add time freedom to my life. However, I found that in choosing those options, I had to be willing to accept some challenges and obstacles. I had to learn to grow and develop. I had to explore and build a new type of life…a new type of living. Even reducing stress, paying off debt and having time freedom doesn’t mean that you live a life with no effort, work or challenges….they just look different and it is a way of living you chose versus “accepting” a norm that doesn’t fit your personal life choices.

And just a reminder, zero gravity can cause problems. True astronauts that live in zero gravity for too long experience serious medical complications. Without resistance, we lose muscle mass, bone density, our pulse rates increase and we have difficulty walking.


My hope is that you will look for the opportunity in your challenges. 

Use “gravity” and challenges to help you get stronger, more resilient and ‘become.”