Pour Some Gas On It

Image of a hand holding a clock

Have you figured it out yet?  You are the fuel that will run your business. It doesn’t matter the type, the service or the product…you are the engine and the fuel that moves it all.

Think of your business like an old-timey steam locomotive.  The train, just like your business, is sitting in the station.  But to move out of the station, it takes a lot of energy.  The Fireman on the train feeds the boiler and builds up a lot of steam in the engine.  When it is time to go….the Fireman releases the steam and the wheels of the train slowly move.  However, once the train is up to speed and moving…it takes less energy to keep it moving.

That is where you are.  You need to get your business moving.  At first, be prepared, it will take extra effort and energy.  You will find yourself thinking more.  You will be doing more.  This big surge of momentum will pay off but you have to keep the energy level up.

I will warn you…if you haven’t made personal development a key part of your life up until now….you need to START ASAP.

Books, podcasts, videos.  You need to spend time DAILY filling up your mind with positive mojo. 

I know when I started my first business, I would read an occasional personal development book.  And man!  I would feel positive and energized.  But then the book would end and I would find myself sliding backwards into a “meh” or blah attitude.

Make Postivity A Part Of Every Day

However, when I learned to make “positivity” a part of EVERY day….my business really took off.  Personal development can be a mix of mindset and attitude as well as skills like sales, money management and leadership.  The key is to fill up your mind with some awesome thoughts.  

I know…you are thinking…I need to get my business making money.  I don’t have time to read books or watch videos or listen to podcasts.  True…you need to focus the majority of your time and energy on moving your business.  BUT…BIG BUT HERE!!!!  If you don’t keep fueling yourself…not just your body…but your mind…you will burn out.  And when you burn out…your business will slow to a halt.  Trust me!  I have been there!

Make Time To Fit In In Every Day

You may need to make it a habit to listen to a podcast in the morning.  Or you may need to have a goal of reading 10 pages a day.  Or you need to watch 1 or 2 ten minute motivational videos on YouTube.  Whatever you need to do….fit it in!  I know fellow business owners have thought I was nutty for the amount of Personal Development (PD) I do daily.  But…I know me.  And I know where I want to take my businesses.  I also know…I am the one that makes it all move.  So…keeping me fueled up mentally and spiritually is just as important as how much sleep I get or what I am eating or how often I exercise.

Don’t Forget, You Are Human

Don’t think you are Superman or Wonder Woman and have super powers.  You are human.  And I guarantee some the challenges that you will encounter as you build a business will require you to think in some new ways.  You will need to be able to shift your attitude and energy.  You will need to build your focus muscles.  You will have to become a creative problem solver.  And PD can help you build all those mental skills…just by reading, listening and watching. 

Remember…PD is something you add in. 

It DOES NOT take the place of WORKING your business.  You just need to determine…do you need to do PD before you start your day….or when you end it.  Yes, you can also do PD during the day….but be careful that you don’t find yourself only doing PD and thinking you are working!

Most entrepreneurs will tell you….building any business is a personal development course with a paycheck.  And it is. You will find yourself growing and changing.