Seven Dwarves Marketing: What Snow White Knows

by Jun 5, 2020

Boxer walking into the ring

We all understand that our “Why” is critical to business.  “Why” creates the “how.”  And the “how” is simple… engage your target market.  Target market…the “WHO” of business.  It is very easy to say everyone can use our business, service, or product and that may be VERY true.  After all, I owned an e-commerce, social media marketed Skin Care business.  EVERYONE has skin.  But is EVERYONE my customer?

If I were truthful, the answer is NO.  I own a business consulting and executive coaching practice.  EVERY business owner could use advice.  But they aren’t all my clients.  I own a marketing agency.  EVERY business could use marketing support.  But they aren’t all my clients.

Focus On Connection

In my 20+ years of marketing experience, I have come to the conclusion that my target market really has very little to do with my product line or business service. 

My target market has everything to do with me.  Who I am at my core.  How I interact with people.  My personality, communication style, and most importantly those that seem to “naturally” connect to me.  While I would love to appeal to stay-at-home moms, older men and super high tech people, I find that I “naturally” draw businesswomen of all ages, young adults in the 20-35 age range looking for a different kind of work experience, and baby boomers that don’t want to give up their career.  It seems rather specific, right?  But I know who I connect to.  That is my target market.

Take Snow White.  She never changes who she is.  She never adapts her conversation or personal style to appease Grumpy and she speaks to Doc the same way she speaks to Dopey.  However, she connects with each dwarf.  She appeals to each dwarf.  She has instant trust with each dwarf.  That is target marketing.  Who you are when you are communicating authentically to the audience you connect with and have instant trust with.

Quit trying to shift and adapt to reach all audiences.  Your success in marketing is not dependent on attracting all audiences. Your success in marketing is dependent on you connecting with the people that you will have the most influence and the best working relationship with. 

Seven Dwarves marketing….a new way to define target marketing.