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We have led many Masterminds, Trainings and Webinars for business owners and leaders. But we have always felt frustrated that I couldn’t give more…more time, more teaching and more help to the leaders that participated. They always came away with value…but often shared that they wanted more…needed more…and were looking for help in really creating the next steps to grow their businesses.

Now it is time for us to help business leaders make that leap!

She said/ He said in Business Course is a 10 day online/virtual workshop structured to really help business owners and leaders fill in gaps in their business that are holding them back. It also is designed to allow you to create very personal business/ marketing/ financial plans of your own and review over and over as your business grows. This course is about creating action plans and steps that really take your business to the next level!

She said/ He said in Business Course is a 10 day virtual/ Inbox delivered workshop. This is more than a “goals” workshop. This is a foundations and clarity workshop. You can’t set goals if you really don’t know where you are…what you need to put in place to grow…and if you are ready to take your next big “leap”.

This Course and Workbook are designed for you to utilize over and over in your business to give you tools to continue to set a firm foundation and grow your business!

You will receive:

*Daily topics and trainings by email — Marketing, Business planning, financial planning and assessment tools

*Worksheets and Review-ables — Tools you can use in your business long after the workshop ends

*Learn to create Leverage in all areas of your business – Direct, Residual and Passive income streams

*Evaluate your Business’s “Maturity” — you can’t make achievable stretch goals without considering this factor!

*Walk away with a Marketing plan, a Business plan, a Financial plan and a long term Target plan

ALL for $69.00!
(A $150 value)
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