Photo and video
Stills & Talkies

Images still help people connect with you.

Whether it is a photo that communicates your personality, professionalism and solidifies the “Know, Like and Trust” factor or a video that allows you to teach, share and reach your ideal client, we have professionals that can make your images and videos show up and stand out in a highly competitive market.  

Because most people hesitate to really show up in a powerful way, the fact that you KNOW you need to is why we made sure that we work with the best.  We also know how critical it is to have affordable services so that you can keep your look fresh.  We don’t plan to ever be the kind of marketing agency that only serves the “big dogs”…we believe smaller businesses and start ups have a place in the market and need to shine too!


(no more selfies!)


30 minute session/ 3 edited digital images (additional edited images available for a fee)

Lifestyle Branding

(so that people think you are normal!)


2 hour session/ 15 edited digital images (additional edited images available for a fee)


(the talkies!)


One Video (we do all the recording for quality)

8 minutes of video, intro and outro creation, 3 basic title inserts, watermarked with your logo

$2900 (because you get. discount!)

Same as above…just for 10 videos.  Use them all at once (like for a course) or use them over time to build a YouTube base.  How you use them is up to you!

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