The He (always the gentleman!)


I’m Coley House.

Yes, I thought she was a little touched…but to be honest, I REALLY wanted this idea to work!

And here is why….

I have 20+ years of sales, management and marketing experience. And I have yet to work for a company that actually lives their mission statement.

I would see them shortcut the client or customer. I would see them pass over highly qualified people for promotion because of age or gender.

But here was the real “kick in the butt”….When they passed over people that didn’t “party” or actually put their families first!

(Ain’t no one should choose between their kids or sick momma and a J.O.B.)


So, while SHE is the people “pusher”…I’m your systems guy!
I understand that at the beginning…you just need a few tools to help you!

Tools that make it easier to keep all the “wagon wheels turnin”.

And when SHE has helped you “Grow Out Loud, Darlin”…then I can also help you manage some of those marketing systems until you are fully ready to add a staff member to your team.

(yeah…there is a slight gap when you need help to grow but you aren’t quite ready to “hire”)

Here is what I know without a doubt, the SHE needed systems and tools. WE needed systems and tools. And YOU need them too!

I got some ideas for ya.

Trust me, I have some tools in my toolbox that might be just what you are lookin’ for!

Oh…And I’m not the “talker” SHE is…

Don’t tell her I said that!