The Missing Link to Goal Achievement

by Nov 13, 2020

Paperclips spelling out the word YOU

SMART goals.  VISION boards.  Long term goals.  Short term goals.  Business Plans.  Marketing strategy. Yearly goals.  Quarterly goals.

I don’t know about you but I’m sometimes just sick and tired of hearing another talk, another training or another writer/ coach tell me to write my goals.  And before you ask, yes, my goals for my life and business are written.  They get reviewed.  They are my directional tool to help keep me focused on where I am going.  But they aren’t the “how”.  They never detail “how” I will achieve the goal.  Seems crazy, I know.  But I have learned in over 7 years as an entrepreneur and 20+ years in Corporate America, that if I get fixated on the “how”, I miss opportunities that might get me to my goals faster.

So, if I’m not going to share with you the secret to goal setting, what am I going to share with you? 

I think a better topic would be how to set YOU goals.  The goals you need to consider for yourself…your “becoming” goals.  Because if you don’t grow you, your skills, your mindset, your knowledge, your experience and take care of some important aspects of your life, your health or your relationships; you won’t be able to achieve you goals.  Period, end of story.  

You heard me correctly.  If you don’t “become”, you won’t achieve.  I have coached many executives, business teams and entrepreneurs.  They very quickly and easily share with me their goals.  They know how much they want to make.  They know who they want to serve and work with.  They know staff they want to hire.  They know…they know…they know.  But when I ask them what they are doing to grow themselves in order to better achieve these goals and dreams, I always get a blank stare or at best a weak “Well, I listen to a book or podcast in the car.”

Now, I must warn you.  I’m a straight-shooter and I’m southern.  So, that dog just won’t hunt!  Let me tell you the key to achievement.  Become better.  Become a better version of you.  Become a better master of your trade or field.  Become a better relationship partner.  The list could go on.  In order to achieve any goal or take advantage of an opportunity, you have to prepare.  And that means you as well as your business, finances or life.

When I work with clients, I always am gathering information both formally and informally.  I want to know about some key areas of their lives.  Here are the areas that will impact my clients’ abilities to achieve goals and build the business they desire:


Mentors, peers, advisors

Who do they surround themselves with and seek training and advice from?  They may have hired me to coach them in business strategy but are they listening to someone else that isn’t giving them sound advice and working against the process.  I am never surprised to hear “My husband thinks…”, “My dad always said…” or even “I was talking with a friend last night…”.  The question I always ask is “Has their advice helped you so far?”  Most of the time, the answer is a sheepish “No.”  So, I want to encourage them to have a solid system and edit a few “voices” from their circle of influence.



This is both family and friends.  Is there drama?  How do they handle conflict?  How do they communicate for busy times in their business?  How do they build and strengthen these relationships to weather difficult times?



Most Type-A people don’t play or celebrate small wins.  They are always pushing for the big milestones.  But the small wins are critical to keeping the mental focus and energy high.  If they handled a big week (even if the project isn’t done yet), they need to go celebrate.  I have coached a clients to go buy a cupcake, get a pedicure, buy a new book or go take a nap.  Something they like that makes them smile but isn’t over the top.  And fun.  (That is a whole blog by itself!)  Let me just tell you, your brain needs you to play.  Play is the creative force that helps wire your brain for new ideas, positive attitude and joy.  I think we can agree that that is necessary for success.



I am always amazed at the business owners that have terrible personal finances.  They are robbing Peter to pay Paul and in danger of ruining not only their business but also driving their home lives into the financial toilet.  We have to build our money skills.  Money skills is a combination of knowledge and practices.  Money can’t be a taboo subject.


Personal and Spiritual Development

And no, audible and podcasts won’t suffice.  Your brain actually needs you to write and read to cement new knowledge into wisdom.  Because your brain will process information in difference ways, those connections then work together for deeper meaning.  If you are just hearing, you are missing out on the power of the information you think you are gaining by just listening.

Please, continue to set goals but remember what they are.  They are just a directional tool.  When you start moving just one step in the direction you set, new opportunities will show up.  But in order to best use those opportunities, you have to grow.  And the main question is and always will be:  Are you the YOU that can achieve the goals?   Maybe yes.  But maybe not yet.  Take some time and be willing to work on you as much as you work on your business.


Amy House is a business success coach, vlogger, blogger, and speaker. She is the founder of Growin’ Out Loud, Darlin’.  She is an expert at helping business owners find the GOLD in business and life.  With over 20+ years of marketing and business development in the REAL world and entrepreneurial experience building her coaching, speaking and network marketing business…she knows a little “something something” about what it takes to GROW OUT LOUD! She is a Steel Magnolia…and brings that sassy Southern twang to her business. 

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