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Mark Shadle

Account Manager/ Video editing & Photography


He just sees something different.  Whether it is through the lens of a camera or creating a graphic design for a client, he just has a way of seeing something different.  (Don’t you just love when people make you look good!) 

While he can make your “still” images stand out, it is the videography that will give you the competitive edge in the fast paced marketing arena.  YouTube is becoming one of the major “search engines”…if you aren’t posting quality videos, you are missing and opportunity.  

In fact, one of the reasons the Growin’ Out Loud Darlin team brought him on board was to develop our own YouTube.


If we trust him, just maybe you should too! Wink!

Angie Shadle

Account Manager/ Social Media & Email Marketing


She rocks the words and understands the tech.  When you think about something like “email marketing”, you conjure up images of your high school English teacher.  Instead of flowing words and tools to add value, you see WRITING.  Not this lady! Her gift of thinking “like a client” helps you connect with value to ensure engagement.

Her background and experience allow her to create virtual experiences through normally “flat” digital formats. Can you imagine having clients and contacts that open emails because they cannot wait to read what “you” have to say and share?  It’s all about new ideas for solutions to the old problem of continued engagement. 


Are you ready to let her help you with your “list” and help you wordsmith your way to engagement?

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