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Mark Shadle

Account Manager/ Video editing & Photography


He just sees something different.  Whether it is through the lens of a camera or creating a graphic design for a client, he just has a way of seeing something different.  (Don’t you just love when people make you look good!) 

While he can make your “still” images stand out, it is the videography that will give you the competitive edge in the fast paced marketing arena.  YouTube is becoming one of the major “search engines”…if you aren’t posting quality videos, you are missing and opportunity.  

In fact, one of the reasons the Growin’ Out Loud Darlin team brought him on board was to develop our own YouTube.


If we trust him, just maybe you should too! Wink!

Lori Pender

Executive Assistant/ Systems & Efficiency Trainer


Who better to understand the need for efficient and powerful systems than a woman who has managed real estate teams, commercial property management and still runs a smooth household as a wife and mother to three.  Makes you tired just thinking about it!  

She now brings her gift for organization, writing, systems and communication to the Growin’ Out Loud Darlin’ team.  Not only does she keep us in line, she ghost writes for our marketing clients, teaches other executive assistants how to “manage” executives and projects for maximum impact and effectiveness, as well as provides works shops and product testing on all things SYSTEMS. 

She can tell you the best CRM to project management tools to meet your needs without YOU wasting time trying them out. 

(Like you have time for that!!—insert sarcasm)

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